About Me


It's not "eliza," "alyssa," or "alicia"

It's Ah lee zah.

It means joyous. Creating brings a peace in my being that nothing else can. And in finding that, regardless of the outcome, I won't stop until my body gives in to elderly demise. If I can make something that incites a reaction in a person's day to day monotony, I've done my job as an artist.


That’s how often I brainstorm. How often I have the urge to make something. It’s that feeling you get when you’re outside in front of clean cut grass and a brightly shining sun. The surge you feel under pale multicolored clouds and before the roaring, crashing waves of the ocean. The craving that crawls up into your taste buds and makes you smack your lips with desire. An itch to run, to tumble down a grassy hill, to throw something high into the air, to jump, an itch to be alive. 

In the brevity of my existence I have found that this urge and what satisfies it is different in everyone. In order to feel ultimately fulfilled, I need to know that I've created something. Anything: a painting, sculpture, mural, birthday card. Even making my breakfast makes me feel somewhat satisfied knowing that I made it (unless it comes out weird, but that happens almost never ’cause I make bomb-ass eggs for breakfast).

All I can really say about painting/drawing/making things is that it's what makes my heart sing. I get plugged into the most serene and magnificent place, but no one else has access to it. I'm flying. And then I look up at the clock and it's been 5 hours and it's dark out and suddenly I learned all these things about myself, the world, and my environment.